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My art began as early as I have memory, as a child it was my only known beneficial skill.  I was horrible at just about everything, I was the last picked for sports and really struggled with school.  I would learn 40 years later about dyslexia and Irlen syndrome which explained why teachers gave up on me.  I threw my hours, efforts and my love into my art and gave it my all; I dreamed of being DaVinci and Michelangelo.  These seizures would lead me into intense studies of human anatomy, dissection and many years as a figure artist, sculptor with an intense focus on human symmetry and innovation for the human condition.

As with everything time gives you perspective; 2020 took a lot, but it gave an open window to paint again.  My heart is full; my blood runs with Hawaiian salt water, Utah powder and a deep love for human kind in need.  As you support this art endeavor you are supporting our direct boots-on-the-ground efforts to feed and supply local homeless populations.  100% of the funds for the homeless go to food, supplies, blankets and clothing with no admin costs.  Open you heart, allow the light of love and service to fill it and replace any areas darkened.  

Mahalo,  Michael B


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