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We are still fully setting this up, meantime if you want to donate please txt 801-859-2535 and we will give you a Venmo, we REALLY appreciate your donation as we partner with you and have funded much of this ourselves, everything truly counts. 

It's really touching to hear how many people we help stop and are truly thankful, saying that efforts like this have been lifesaving to them over the years. 

if you want to learn more about the homeless situation there is an amazing book written by a friend who took a 40 day experiment from his usual social work career and lived on the streets.   the book is "The Emptiness of Our Hands: 47 Days on the Streets"

The homeless problem is a multi faceted issue; some are only there because their job was erased by covid, many have had severe trauma and in attempting to keep surviving after trauma they have become addicts, been self destructive and often it creates various levels of mental illness. There is no one solution; there is one action you can take, and that is GET INVOLVED in some way.

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