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3 options to buy this  28" x 22" art:

Original, Embellished Original & Prints


ORIGINAL ART:  There is only one original!  Signed acrylic on framed canvas.


EMBELLISHED ORIGINALS: Printed on Canvas, full size framed and look quite like originals as each piece is custom painted on the canvas print by Michael. Texture is added, highlights, and ocassionally upon request, you can request something custom on there. These may pass for an original.


PRINTS: These prints are high resolution reproductions done with meticulous care to preserve every possible detail.  Available full size and half.   Available on Canvas, Art Paper (think thick water color paper) and Gloss Poster.  Canvas may be framed like an original.  


See Product info below and the video for more info. 


Greenwalls Sunrise 28x22 (Kailua, Oahu Hawaii)

  • We carefully personally selected the best color reproduction papers from different companies so that we get the absolute best print for you; this is not a drop ship.  We personally fulfill each order.  

    Prints are offered full size or half size;  canvas prints are available  framed like the original with a color wrap border that goes with the art.

    Paper prints are NOT framed, they will be in a roll (canvas, paper or art paper).  

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