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3 options to buy this  20" x 16" art:

Original, Embellished Original & Prints


ORIGINAL ART:  There is only one original!  Signed acrylic on framed canvas.


EMBELLISHED ORIGINALS: Printed on Canvas, full size framed and look quite like originals as each piece is custom painted on the canvas print by Michael. Texture is added, highlights, and ocassionally upon request, you can request something custom on there. These may pass for an original.


PRINTS: These prints are high resolution reproductions done with meticulous care to preserve every possible detail.  Available full size and half.   Available on Canvas, Art Paper (think thick water color paper) and Gloss Poster.  Canvas may be framed like an original.  Half sized are dimensions are 10" x 12"


See Product info below and the video for more info. 


Rain 20x16 (Greenwalls, Kailua, Oahu Hawaii) 20x16


    Not an original, but really close to it,  to the point that you may have a hard time telling the difference! This art has original add-on painting by the artist, each piece is custom and close to the original art, with the border wrapped on the frame painted as well.

    Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery.  I personally create each embellished piece and if stock is low we need time to let the varnish dry before shipping if it was recently done.  You may request personal touches that can be added if it's being done after you order.

    Embellished reproductions look like originals, they have some depth in the paint like the original, but not a full re-do.  We print a full size piece of art on top quality stretched canvas, then I go back and get out the paints, adding to the printed canvas. We let that dry and then we glaze it like the originals.  Because we are going back and adding to the print the embellished art will not be identical, each one is custom, and we do not redo the entire piece, but enough of it that there are some obvious 3D features to the surface.  You may request personal touches in the design.

    Embellished prints allow more people to own a piece of original art even after the original has been sold, they are produced in limited runs, they are also quite a bit of work to pull off and offer a custom take on the original art and we only will send out great looking art with my personal approval.

    Embellished art does not have an original signature in the paint, but we print with a logo and then I will sign the art after production with a count strike, like "50 of 200" so that there is clear evidence that this has my hand in the work, not someone just printing them.  The embellished work is like getting a great looking piece that has original qualities and a stunning look.

    Protective UV glazing is added as well to protect the art over time if it is not behind glass, keeping it protected from UV, accidental splashes, etc. 

    Actual size of the outside canvas diameter is 1/4 inch less in each dimension. 

    All original art is personally signed,  none of the prints come with the signature in the art, all posters and prints have a logo for a signature distinguishing them from and reserving the artist signature for original art.  Original art has no logos.

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