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As you purchase any artwork on this site 100% of all of our profits go to give needs to homeless populations. 

We have had initiatives in action over the years but have taken on a more focussed initiative since 2020. 100% of homeless donations will go directly to needs, we have no overhead and no admin costs (most  organizations use 12-50% of your donation in "admin" costs. )

If you subscribe to our monthly donation subscription 100%  pf the funds you give will go to the costs for services and food.  Here are some of the efforts we are involved in and personally deliver: 

individual and group meals provided to homeless encampments, grocery items, etc.

toiletries, clothing, jackets, shoes, socks, ground mats, feminine hygiene and general hygiene


Subscribe here to our Giving Alerts emails here to know when we have found special projects that require extra funding for us to jump into.  We carefully personally direct these.

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